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There is a Champion in Everyone

I have always wanted to be a champion in life, but there were times where I felt like I was falling short of my desire. As I grew and matured, I realized that each one of us is a champion for something or someone.

My daughter was born with a Rare genetic condition that left me feeling helpless at times. It took my breath away when I looked to the future, unsure of how her situation would turn out. My time and attention were consumed by her disability at times, and after living with a feeling of defeat for years, I made the decision become her champion. I realized that as a family, we had been knocked down, but not defeated, as we got back up each time. It was out of the ashes of her diagnosis that Champions Concessions was birthed. I poured myself into developing this opportunity. After seeing how Champions Concessions had a significant positive impact on my daughter's life, I desired to share this hope with other families facing unique challenges, inspiring them to be a champion in their own situation or cause.

Family and Community are the core of who we are and the basis of every decision we make. Because of our mission, we are a Pay It Forward company. A portion of every sale goes to help non-profit organizations here in Cedar Hill, Texas. We are currently partnered with Forgiven Felons, an organization that provides much needed discipleship and mentorship to men coming out of the prison system.

Group of Kids Eating Snow Cone at Champions Concessions
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